Gym gems: Hydrate the body and the mind

by Tuesday, June 30, 2009
water(7)The biggest mistake a new “gym-goer” can make is to assume that working out is enough. A healthy lifestyle is a combination of a few things. Specifically exercise, nutrition and will power. Plenty of things besides water are beneficial to your workout before and after, and I don’t mean those shakes, pills and powders sold in the local health or gym store, although with the right guidance they can be beneficial. New gym members should keep it simple and focus on small things in the everyday diet that can make a big difference. I’m talking about green leafy things and foods containing lots of protein. These foods give your body back what’s lost while working out and help replenish your muscles in the process.

Here is a list of quick snack foods that will never fail if prepared correctly and consumed in the right portion. And as always, water is never a bad idea for any reason, whether for thirst or replenishing.

Water – Before, after and during your work out

Nuts – A handful at any time helps with hunger also, nuts are high in protein and good fats

Tuna – An excellent source of high quality protein

Yogurt – I prefer Greek, high in protein, 0 fat

You can’t go wrong with a serving fresh fruit or vegetables
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  • Luis Hazlip
    September 4, 2012

    ..this is a good article about Gym gems: Hydrate the body and the mind.

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