My Favorite (Healthy) things (more anytime foods)

by Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Often, time moves by quicker than we would like … not only the years but the actual minutes of each day. It seems as if there are never enough when you need them. The time factor directly effects our health in plenty ways … eating habits are the most easily effected. I know from personal experience that the most easily accessible foods are usually the worst for you. There are a couple of tips I live by and snacks I look for when I need something fast for a boost any time during the day. All prove to be low calorie and energy boosting.

Nuts, an assortment of unsalted cashews, peanuts and almonds usually does the trick with only a handful. And you can buy prepackaged so you simply grab one before you leave each day or store them in your desk at work. Stick to a handful and pay attention to the calorie content per serving as nuts are very good for you and have healthy fats and oils they are also high in calories.

Carrots, I usually opt for baby carrots because they are the perfect size and usually come peeled. In preparation for the week I suggest you buy a bag then spilt them up into five different snack bags for each day of the week. Again, you can grab one from the fridge before you leave for the office.

Try doing this with an assortment of healthy things to pick from. Do this with everything from raw broccoli and cauliflower to oranges and rice cakes.

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