Adventures in Juice Land

by Sunday, October 16, 2011

For days I have been raving about Juicing. Upon experimenting with Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer… I am EXtRemely impressed. Sure – for years I have seen various infomercials for juicers and food processors but never were they anything more than an annoyance I came across while search for a show of “substance.” I used this juicer without seeing the infomercial. I was given a few instructions including “Don’t add banana’s or avocado and don’t press the pusher too hard.” I was shocked to learn that I didn’t have to cut the fruit up and that all parts of the fruits and vegetables could be used. My first try included, grapefruit, many apples, strawberries, a small tomato and a few carrots. I was hooked soon after. After drinking the juice I felt a burst of energy and I was easily full. So then I did a little more research, as I wanted to add this process to my normal eating habits through this research I learnejack-lalanne-power-juicerd many things.

If you are obsessed with cleansing and detoxifying (as I am) juicing is an easy and effective way to achieve your goal. Instead of fasting – juice. Instead of dieting – juice. Everything the body needs to maintain strength and endurance can be found in natural fruits and vegetables.

At the VERY least you can add your daily servings of real fruits (instead of pop tarts) and vegetables (instead of California rolls) and at the most you will boost your immune system and detoxify your body.  Green juices contain lots of chlorophyll, chlorophyll helps to rebuild our blood cells, thus removing mold, parasites and toxins. Many studies even show it can prevent and remove cancer cells. Theses raw vegetable juices or “green drinks” are an excellent source of vitamins & minerals, and nutrients that help supply essential elements required for the body’s healing processes and cell regeneration.

Lastly you can lower your carbon footprint with juicing .. this simply means finding alternative ways of doing regular everyday chores and routines. Easiest way to do this is to keep it local. Check out your local markets for fresh produce. Not only does it support small neighborhood businesses but its also more likely that the produce was grown by local farmers thus cutting some pollution that would be caused by shipping from other countries as well as the intake of pesticides and toxins.

Also keep in mind that by simply juicing, you are in the smallest way contributing to a “Green Lifestyle.” By juicing you aren’t using plastic bottles … those very bottles that end up in landfills. There are SOOOO many reasons to partake in this awesome lifestyle, to name a few …. It’s GOOD for you! Its cost effective, it’s GREEN … AND also … I DO IT! Happy Juicing!

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