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by Sunday, April 2, 2017


If you’re always prepared, you never have to get ready.

When People Magazine asked me for a 3rd time if I was a still in shape and willing to share my story in a “Half their size” special edition as an ALL-Star once again, I was ready. Speaking frankly, changing my life at such a young age, in a completely different time from now was only done by blessing. With no help from anyone, barely internet advice and a history of bad habits I found my way through. I had no idea my small insignificant meaning in the world would grow to inspire many for over a decade to come. I’m not boasting, i’m simply living the ideals I encourage on a daily bases.

At the age of 20 I was almost 300 lbs. I was completely, hopelessly, helplessly depressed. Unlike now, the multitudes of self help information from various sources was not available. Also being from an “underprivileged” background didn’t afford me any help that required money or access. No one could help me, so by chance I decided to help myself.

Ten + years later i’m still helping myself and hopefully many of you too.  Sharing my story and inspiring from afar has held me accountable for my own progression. You can either be the flame or the reflection of it. With so many sharing my flame how could I not stay LIT.

Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further or that my fitness or weight loss journey was complete I was pushed to find a new way to reinvent and better my physical and mental health. As told from me to you personally, here are a few of the best tips, and words of inspiration from a person who is – to this day, still struggling to be better than I was yesterday. We’re all in this together!


“Start” (my last words in the article” is my favorite piece of advice for anyone on the verge of life change. Quick and dirty. It doesn’t matter if it’s Wednesday at 3:52 pm or Saturday at 6pm – START. Tomorrow, Sunday, next month or at the beginning of the year is too far away to begin to change. If your serious about change START this instant. There are small things you can do this moment to begin the change. ACTION (you can take this very moment): Throw out junk foods, download a fitness app, create a healthy pinterest board, do a set of lunges or jumping jacks, take a walk.


Throughout the process it will be YOU working against and with YOU. Day in and day out you will find excuses to not push forward. Only you can account for your actions. ACTION: Write your fitness goals down, long and short term. Check them off the list when you hit them no matter how big or small. Goals can include meal prepping for the week, workout routines for the day, calories counting and water consumption.

self discipline – see above


Inspiration is an overused word that is thrown around as meaninglessly as a hashtag, and yet I use it constantly. Once you find out what inspires you, it will take on a life of it’s own. Personally my inspiration comes from visualizing the person I will become and considering the potential i’ve shown to have over the years. You can find your inspiration in anything, your family, your career  or a previous goal realized but the most important place to start to look is -WITHIN YOU. Firstly, I am my own motivation and inspiration – i’m constantly trying to impress myself.

get real

Realistic goal setting. We have to be real with ourselves, every single day. First step is acknowledging that there is a problem, next is a plan of action. The next is following through (see accountability). The best way to set yourself up for failure is over promising. Even over promising to yourself can be detrimental to your progress. If you’ve had a hard time getting started, it probably isn’t realistic that you will lose 20 lbs in one month. 5 lbs is a hardship at the very beginning and to create change you have to start changing, this never happens overnight. Start with what you can and hope for the best, those small things and consistent choices you make will start to create the bridge you need to cross WHILE you’re building it.

As always – questions? Ask! thanks for traveling along with me. Readers that have been around from the very beginning – I hope i’m making you proud. Kindly grab the issue if you see fit, you can find it on shelves until 6/30/17 and on amazon!

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