Spice it Up!

by Friday, June 14, 2013

Spice is the key to life, whether it is in our romantic lives, work environment or our food! While natural spices are usually good for you and make our favorite meals better there are a few that offer more than meets the eye.


All hail Cayenne! Full of Vitamin A, this fiery spice gives big kicks in small amounts but also does wonders for the body. Cayenne pepper has been known to fight inflammation, stomach ulcers, boost immunity and has many cardiovascular benefits. Truth be told, before this health enthusiast works out she mixes 8 ounces of water with a half teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and a half a lemon or lime. This really gets your heart rate up and gives you a little boost while working out, more importantly cayenne pepper is known to speed up you metabolism.

Tip: I add at least a teaspoon of ground Cayenne pepper to my juice everyday.


Another beneficial but gentle spice is Cinnamon and it is found in all of our cabinets no doubt. Not only can it prevent clumping of blood platelets but the mere smell of it is said to boost your brain function … specifically enhancing your memory.

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