Clarity25-the R’day edition, RITC

by Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If I look at it as a whole what am I accomplishing? White strides and black bounds exist, am I overcoming them and what have a learned in my overpopulated colorful world?

Living here for 5 months may have taught me more than I care to mention, or perhaps it just has reiterated what I’ve know all along. Life is hard, but good. Men are pigs but one or two are actually worth knowing. I despise adapting to less than perfection in all areas of life but I am able to manage well. And lastly New York is where I’m meant to be. Ohh and never underestimate the qualities of a good bag.

Adversity has always been expected, so much so that I pride myself in hardly ever being surprised or disappointed. My job situation isn’t exactly pleasing simply because I want so much more, and I can admit that I’m not sure how to get what I want besides working hard. I have no relationship situation which is comfortable because other pending issues take precedent over social gratification. The only control I have over my perfection obsession is contained in my appearance, which is to be proud of and envied by the old me from even 5 months ago.

So this past weekend most of you know I did it up a little bit, Extreme Roberta style, celebrating my 25th Rday. Hot gold dress and all my beloved buddies came up from Pittsburgh. We had a GREAT time. To my surprise there was only 1 issue and that involved “him” the club owner. Because of course I had it at my favorite Friday after work spot. Can you believe he wouldn’t let one of my TWO NY friends – friend in? The situation was handled BUT there should not have been an issue in the first place! Other than that, I danced and drank the night away surrounded by some of my favorite people in life right now. If my sisters had been there it would have been just perfection.

It was funny the reactions when I introduced some of the column readers to the before mentioned unscripted actors in this column. No one knew anyone’s real name only the names I had given them. I know I’m horrible!

Anyway, I want to thank all of you for reading and celebrating and wishing me a happy 25. a link to pics follows below.

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