Extremely 26 in the City September 2007

by Friday, September 28, 2007

I woke up feeling a bit different after turning 26. Monday morning turned out to be quite puzzling. Not only was the eventful weekend that I had been planning for a while over but I woke up focusing on what was next for me. As one page is turned another one is written. Not only is a new one written but I am supposed to be the author. As I am getting older I do realize the more important things in life. Things like God, family, friends and my career all affect the way that I am feeling on any particular day and if one aspect becomes unsure it shakes me up a bit. All of these things are taken very seriously so one without another can cause me to become unbalanced.

Extremely 26 in the City went off pretty well but not without a couple of hitches. Some being things beyond my control and others being the product of me knowing better. For instance – me getting tore up on my actual birthday. I’ll explain the scenario and I’m sure that those of you that did not attend will give me a pass on the behavior.

So all week long I do an extreme diet that consisted of salad, yogurt and fruit so that I look great in both of the too short dresses I chose for my “entrance into sophistication.” Also I hit the gym everyday that week so that the abs were ready to take on any other curvy girl that I might see over the weekend. The plan was to eat at the first venue “his” venue and order bottles (of wine) for my out of town guests. Well because of circumstances that were beyond my control we arrived late. Of course the place is packed and because I opted not to call (for whatever reason) my table was given away. Now you have to understand that I planned this day to a tee, not leaving room for anything unexpected to occur, so this shook me up a bit. Imagine how I felt! By the time I got in I was disgusted and headed straight for my home at the bar. That said … I didn’t leave that spot at the bar until my friends had to lead me to the bathroom. I remained unfed but extremely over drunk – which was no ones fault but my own. Anyone who knows me knows that I compete with fish when it comes to drinking and compete with bears when it comes to eating.

Overall minus the pukeing (in the bathroom and on the sidewalk apparently) I had a Hell of a time and all the friends that joined me had a disco as well … well that’s what it looked like in the pictures anyway.

Saturday was a day of shopping with the Pittsburghers and then dinner. The dinner was wonderful, the atmosphere was enchanting and the food was rich. Best of all myself and all of my friends looked stunning. The only complaint would be my scheduling of wine, cheese and cake reception before the dinner. It left us all a bit full before we went to Tao but everyone ate none the less. Afterward we ventured to a few other night spots but it was too early to stick anywhere and with the few casualties we suffered we ended the night early.

I had a full weekend and some times to be remembered and a bunch of pictures that show that the friends I do have are worth having. I can say that I’m happy to be 26 and I am extremely grateful for my position in life. I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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