Episode 6 – RITC / Running on NO sleep (2006)

by Tuesday, October 2, 2007

As I sit on the train this Thursday morning ready to recap this weeks events, I’m displeased to let on that I’m running on 45 minutes of sleep. One tale before the next though…

Sunday in 90 degree weather I attended an “exclusive” rooftop launch party at “Bed” the launch was for a new designer shoe line called DETNY. The shoes I saw were hot in a “couture” kind of way but far from comparing to the temperature. The roof was thinly covered and wading pools were set out to keep cool. I forgot to mention it was a blue and white party. This fact made the group all the more attractive. The selection was a bit different to what I had seen previously, lots of European characters mixed with NY’s diverse regularness. There was a sheik look to the crowd and I quietly mixed in. We were joined at our table by some industry contacts. We conversed and tried to stay cool.

While I’m enduring all these new experiences I often wonder what they all mean to me. Nothing I do is in vain and I haven’t done anything “just for fun” in years. Easing down the road I’m building my contact list and learning the actions and functions of different groups. Anyone can cope in an average club scene but this is New York. For every average spot there’s an accompanying specialty spot. Spots that cater to different industries and even cultural groups. Still undecided on a solid career path I hope all my easing helps me put all the yellow bricks together. In the mean time I’ll piece them together one by one and note the relevant experiences.

Last week I explained how coporate’s don’t go out during the week because of the work hours kept. I broke the rule once again this week. I attended a launch party for a NY JETS charity foundation at 40/40. The party was a little flat, only one of the private rooms was actually worth the time. We hadn’t decided to go until midnight so once we got there, there wasn’t time to waste. Meeting up with some industry acquaintances from BET, PF guy and one of the NY Giants we relocated to a spot called Lotus. In order to ensure a table we had to order bottle service, PF guy was the first to pull out the plastic. Their were 6 of us lounging at a quaint table on the upper deck. Drinking Moet and cranberry juice I had a lovely time conversing with the group, mostly PF guy. The invisible DJ was so HOT I even did some mediocre dancing … After all it was only Wednesday.

That’s pretty much how the night went until just before four. I eased into an easy friendship with PF guy that possibly could have a future. But hey, who’s looking that far in? He asked me to go to “the Magic” show with him in Vegas in August, I’ve heard it’s a blast and I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity but I didn’t let on how interesting I thought the offer really was. If I’m not meant to working in the industry I don’t know who is! We said good bye with and innocent peck. It was 4am but the “night” still wasn’t over, we accepted a breakfast invite from the Giant player and I didn’t walk in the front door until after my 5:50 am alarm went off notifying me it was gym time. I showered and caught 45 minutes of zzz before it was time to head out and do it all again.

Friday I was still tired from hanging out on Wednesday… But I couldn’t not get drinks after work. It’s become my own tradition. One of the few things I have control over not interrupting my normal life by moving to NY. So I met up with “FIC” and we decided to check out some different Friday spots after the debacle that became fashion 40 last week. We went uptown to T-NY. It sucked so we left after complimentary drinks. We ventured to a Thursday spot called Wish 26 but soon settled at 40 40 again. I just wanted a drink and they serve decent nachos so it had to do. After just conversing amongst ourselves I got a hit from PF guy. I told him where I was and he asked if I wanted to hang out afterward. What the hell its Friday! I told him to meet me at 11. I walked FIC to the train station and he busted a U turn to meet me on my side of the street. What’s so great about him is that he’s so cool that we can hang out anywhere and have a great time. Of course this throws me off. I don’t like the feeling that I’m catching feelings for anyone. I much prefer the “chew um up and spit um out”, Roberta from Pittsburgh.

In the midst of it all I learn another lesson about myself. I CAN be wrong. We hang out in some down town spot have drinks, eat and do a lot of laughing. I can’t get an angle on this guy. So I figured why try. I’m writing him off as of now, assuming he’s good for a good time but nothing more. The accidental search couldn’t possibly be over so soon. I think I’m enjoying the possibilities I have without any feelings being involved. Feelings on my part that is…

Easing into my space in New York is a little more difficult than I had anticipated. I’ll make it home soon enough.

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