No, I don’t have a trainer.

by Wednesday, February 19, 2014

roberta tabb

A little over 10 years ago I decided to change my life. Unknowingly I took steps that formed me as an individual and shaped the kind of person I am to myself and others. Not taking anything away from people who have had help during the weight loss struggle, I have found that loosing over 100 pounds on my own has been my fail-safe for any obstacle I’ve been faced with throughout life. The fact that I alone accomplished what so many aspire to maintain is enough to see me through periods of insecurity, procrastination or fear.

Ten years later, now having a grip on the life I have created for myself I must be accountable for every aspect. The lessons I learned during and while maintaining weightless are invaluable. Furthermore I have learned that I am my own greatest source of information. What I mean is – whatever knowledge I desire to acquire I am able to seek out. If I am not feeling the shape of a particular part of my body, I am able to search and find the best food to eat (or not eat) to help mold the shape as well as the best exercises to modify my form. I use search engines and now my favorite tool Pinterest to find advise and tips based on what my issue is. I am not against trainers, I realize many people need the push or extra motivation and others just don’t know where to start. I am also not attesting that I have correctly performed or followed all the information I have found. I am simply pointing out that the info is out there and if you are like me – you like to share what works and help others along in the path. In my opinion the best advice comes from those who have been where I have and have made it to where I want to be.

After weight loss from strictly modifying my diet to clean foods I decided I needed to incorporate exercise into my plan. However I was extremely intimated by the gym. Intimidated by huge clang and bang of the machines to the merely sterile locker room. The thought of taking my clothes off in front of strangers to touching the sweat of others was enough to question my motivation. The best way to overcome the fear is to keep in mind that people are more concerned about getting themselves in shape than the kind of shape you’re in. True enough if you have questions someone will be willing to answer or help and if you’re a newbie a gym tour might be a good idea. Always remember to help yourself, if you made it TO the gym it’s worth doing a little research on the best ways to tackle what your physical issues are. If all else fails – the treadmill is a good place to start until your confidence builds.

So – no, I don’t have a trainer nor do I plan on hiring one (unless Beyonce’s trainer is willing to  train me for free :D). Yes, I do have a wealth of information, in books, the internet and friends that are visibly knowledgeable in the subject. I have long since conquered my fear of the gym (although I still have to gather my senses when visiting new gyms) and no machine intimates me – unless i’m being lazy or it’s broken. Use every resource you have access to – there is never an excuse not to get healthy! 

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