NY Youth at Risk – Career Day 2014

by Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I have been affiliated with NY Youth at Risk for quite some time. Beginning as a mentor, this organization is the epitome of what I intend my life’s work to amount to. Last year along with a few other volunteers  I was given the opportunity to create curriculum for a 2nd phase of the already intensely structured program. Going through the first year with a mentee or 2 I was overwhelmed with the positive impact the course work has on these youth as well as the mentors.  I also wanted to do more! I experienced a need for a more tangible approach to the life skills Youth at Risk provides to the young women we mentor.

We developed a series of 5 sessions that we hope will offer, not only emotional growth but also lifestyle enhancement. The sessions are – Effective Communication, Finance, Education, Well Being and Employment.

Employment was the first of the sessions. Youth at Risk Career Day was 4/19/2014 at The National Black Theater, NYC, NY. Along with providing the youth with resume help, a panel of professionals was assembled to answer questions and lead break out sessions. The panel was comprised of various professionals in a plethora of industries including, marketing, finance, beauty, auction and creative.

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