The journey to HERE & The People Magazine All-Star Feature

by Friday, April 11, 2014

roberta_tabbInΒ 2014 I was honored with the opportunity of a lifetime for a second time, I was asked again to be featured in People Magazine. The 1st time was in 2005 (see feature) and I was totally unprepared past the actual weight loss. Significant weight loss being the reason behind the opportunity, it was enough to force me to tell my (sometimes embarrassing) story. I had naturally lost “Half My Size” and People wanted to highlight that in the hugest print capacity I could imagine at the time. It was a shock and an honor all at the same time.

Since then I have had countless personal achievements and a few tangible public achievements which have led me to my current position in life. Happy, healthy and always inspired. 11 years after loosing over 100 pounds and 9 years after being featured in People for the first time, I received an email to my old address (in which I forwarded to my new years ago) asking if they had found the “right” Roberta Tabb (as if there was ever another) and would I be interested in being apart of a Special Edition weight loss book. The email asked if I had maintained my weight loss and if I had done anything as a hobby or career as a result of my experiences. Seeing as how I can’t keep my mouth shut about healthy living and the fact that I have taken on mentoring as my personal life work – I was THRILLED to enlighten them with how i’ve been keeping busy for the past 9 years. The update consisted of working on my own personal weight struggle, maintaining a positive attitude and giving back mentally to anyone asking for help.

2013, was my best year yet pertaining to health and fitness goals, if I ever had a vision of perfection for myself I came closer to it than ever before. The situation is what I would describe as preparation meeting opportunity. I was Prepared and excited. Excited that my hard work would pay off in the means of inspiring countless, faceless men an women from any and everywhere in the world (yet again).

Keeping the weight off and improving the total weight loss by 25% is nothing less than a miracle to the person I was at 285 pounds. It’s an honor to have another chance to be any kind of positive influence whether on a large or small scale. This opportunity means that there is a need for what I am doing and that what I am trying to achieve is relevant on a huge scale. I will continue to inspire and motivate, I won’t ever give up on educating and promoting a healthy lifestyle inside and outside the body. I HAVE made some difference in the past few years – but I still have much more work to do. I’m up for the challenge … are you?


The Special Edition book contains…

  • Weight Loss All Stars (real people, real stories), plus how we did it and tips for motivation.
  • A selection of weight loss approaches (like Zumba, swimming and partnering up)
  • Celebrity weight loss section (featuring Jennifer Hudson)
  • Easy healthy recipes


2 Responses
  • evolvewithmary
    May 7, 2015

    Love it Roberta! I’m very proud of you from one weight loss woman to another. I always explain losing weight was just the beginning of my journey, the opportunity to inspire others and sculpt and maintain my body is the blessing. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

    • theRobertaShow
      May 21, 2015

      πŸ™‚ really means a lot coming from you! thanks SO much for the support!

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