RITC – episode 11 / Love of a lifetime – 2006

by Friday, November 30, 2007

I want a love that they’ll talk about in 3000. I can’t even imagine having a feeling so genuine. A feeling for an idea so huge it overcomes all sense and mind states. Besides believing and having the utmost faith in a higher being there can’t be anything even near close.

I don’t know if were talking Romeo and Juliet love or Helen of troy and Paris love. The power of the mind overcomes all and in a sense… Love rules the world. Whether it be love of money, politics people or other ideas. The love I’d like to be remembered for is that of the utmost passion and electric connection between minds. When referring to Romeo and Juliet… It was love at 1st site solidified with lust and the knowledge of the forbidden.. The love was short sweet and passionate a false love we all will always remember, because of the tragedy attached not because of the love involved. Had there been no suicide, there would have been no play or only a halfway successful plot.

I have never had this thought before, only because I don’t think it’s possible for me or anyone else. We are all so corrupted and easily influenced by outside factors that the true person is covered with too many self imposed layers so it’s hard to see the soul. In particular, mine has never been exposed. I picture it gleaming bright red but encompassed by thick dark glistening molten rock. Who could leave themselves so open to another that soul pours from ones eyes? Who could mentally disturb another with a perfect glance? A love for a lifetime is all but possible. A fantastic dream and a most envied idea among all of us searchers.

So, how hard is it to scourer the coast for a privileged love interest? Quite the task I must say. I think a regular person is more likely to literally trip over a random person in Manhattan then get lost in involved flirtation. That said, the conclusion I’ve come to is that you’ll never find love if you look for it. I’ve been a witness to desperate searching, followed by settling for the Mr. Right now guy. It’s never a good ending situation and in retrospects usually a waste of time.

This weekend was VERY involved. The non profit I work directly with had 4 events. I was involved in all of them. Very heart felt stuff but A LOT of work. The most warming event was bowling at Harlem lanes with 100 foster care children and 8 professional athletes. All beautiful guys simply because all of them partied it up at NY Giant Carlos Emmons bday party and got up to bowl with sticky fingered children.

I’ll end this with my Labor Day surprise. Roaches. I couldn’t move into my apartment.

I’m sure inquiries will be a coming……

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