RITC – episode 9 / is it or Aint (are not) it?

by Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I’m lost in signs and signals. Subliminal if you will… I’m known for looking too much into a surface situation, but only known to myself. Lately I’ve been detecting things incorrectly. Could it be my intuition is off? Or that this new strange place requires a whole new set of vitals?

People never act how you expect them to and apparently neither do situations. I say this not because of disappointments but because of misinterpreted signals that would only be meaningful to me. So what is it that I need to do, look deeper into characteristics in conversations and situations?

Then suddenly, everything seems so clear. Not much matters beyond my well being and I always have full control over that based on my judgment and actions. Its simple, I make the correct choices and my being will be well. Easier said than done.

Friday night is kind of a blur, I reconnected with FIC and hit the Friday hot spot for urban professionals. It was packed like always. I had a couple drinks and ate a little food and just had fun socializing. PF guy (which I’m giving up by the way) was in text message mode. He doesn’t know he’s through yet…too bad so sad. So I had care free fun and looked forward to my Saturday date with YMG.

I was supposed to meet YMG at a park in the city but it began to rain. I guess parks are kind of our “thing” we opted for BBQ. We went to a crowded spot uptown called Dallas BBQ. The atmosphere was so-so but my drinks and the ribs were good. Again we had good consistent conversation. I think I spoke too much, too much for me anyway. I think – Probably because he seems interested and he’s a “good listener.” Afterward we drove mid town to Times Square. There’s nothing like it at night. Between the multi colored fluorescent lights and billboards, people driven tour bicycles and the horse mounted policemen its true tourist New York. We drove around parked, talked then vibed to John Legend.

By this time it was only around 1AM, not quite ready to part we decided to hang out at his place for a while. He lives in the BRONX. Another new experience for me, I had never been there nor had I spent a night in someone else’s bed while in New York. Before we got to his apartment he insisted we stop at the gas station. He wanted to buy me gas! Of course I rejected his offer but he was persistent. Where on earth did this man come from? Is what I’m thinking at this point. We proceeded to watch TV and listen to music enjoying each others face to face company. When I made the choice to go, I knew I would stay the night. Complete gentlemen didn’t attempt to do anything more than kiss me. Keep in mind he’s 2 years younger than me. I haven’t seen a hint of immaturity yet. Honestly I’m impressed.

I woke up early Sunday and planned on making my escape before he noticed but I forgot I was in the BRONX. Stuck! When he did wake up he went to the store. To get ME a toothbrush! Another unexpected gesture, I couldn’t believe it. Then he suggested the IHOP, I was a little resistant seeing as how I’d been out all night but I’d never been to one before. So off we went after freshening up a bit.

All that said I still don’t know how to feel about the situation. I don’t know how I feel about him period, besides (like) I don’t know if he could be realistically a potential anything. I haven’t seen any signs thus far. Not that I’m looking for one but it would make things a lot easier. Is it or aint it anything? Is he or aint he… Real?

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