blue (2005)

by Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I feel him feeling me

He sits across the room but I can feel his stare

I tilt my head just so, acknowledging his glare

He walks toward me and calmly takes a chair

He’s so close, I still sit unknowingly without a care

I didn’t notice the friction, the lust within the air

All the soft sweet touches had to come from somewhere

Hes looking in my eyes and searching for a dare

So heavy, the passion hes pouring over me doesn’t seem fair

Then without speaking my lips say kiss me here

He feels me feeling him

I return his kisses and im feeling kinda blue

I’m not sad just distracted because were surrounded by the hue

The funky music is blaring so he turns it down a few

I anticipate his return so our kisses can pursue

The way he licks my lips tells me that’s not all he wants to do

I think damn, me either, im kinda feeling you.

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