Salmon & Green-age

by Wednesday, April 22, 2015

IMG_4294Easily, Salmon and Kale is my most favorite healthy meal. Served with sliced tomato for acid and color it’s the perfect meal for Sunday night or after a rigorous workout. Not only is it deliciously inspired but its ridiculously easy to prepare.

Salmon is a fatty fish but has no carbs and is full of protein. I choose it over chicken any day. A 4 ounce serving has only around 200 calories. But contains 22.5 grams of protein. Do you really need more convincing? I grew up in a house were all the fish was kept frozen, it was all white and prepared fried. But now it’s ALL about the broil, quite literally – i lead a busy life and I end up having longer days than I would like during the week. Getting home from work and the gym around 8pm – I struggle with eating too late. This meal works because I throw the salmon with a few spicy herbs or a sprinkle of brown sugar in the oven on broil, and by the time i’m finish showering and dressing it’s ready. 20 minutes to plate tops.

The kale is just lightly sautéed in red pepper flakes and a pinch of salt – that fail safe recipe is here – (give or take the garlic). I usually buy huge bundles of kale or spinach to sauté in the beginning of the week to portion out. 1 serving (1 cup) is only around 50 calories AND full of fiber.

This combination is clean, EASY, delicious and affordably lean.

What’s your excuse now?

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