@ the Gym – Stay Focused!!!

by Tuesday, June 30, 2009
apple-ipod-touch(1)One of the most important keys to a productive workout plan is to stay focused. Simply just showing up at the gym will never be enough. There has to be some force and motivation behind it. Most people’s motivation has to do with the mirror, for others the force may be health. Either way, that driving factor has to be enough to keep you going day after day.

I admit it’s close to an obsession for me, but I’d rather my obsession for feeling healthy be more extreme than the feeling I have for chocolate cake. Once I get to the gym, nothing else matters. For that hour or so, my full concentration is on my body. I work to see how far I can push it and how much I can raise my heart rate. Gross or not, the more I sweat – the better. For me, sweat is evidence of hard work. Here are a few tips to keep your focus.

First and foremost, don’t use the gym to socialize. I see it every day, people who frequent the gym to have conversations with everyone they see. They stand around at the machines and watch people work out instead of doing it themselves. Some actually work “working out” into their social time at the gym, holding long conversations in between sets. This isn’t very practical; if you break too long between sets you miss out on the full benefit. It’s ok to work out in groups or be social, just keep your priorities in order and focus on your goals. The easiest way I’ve found to tune everything out is my Ipod. Once I turn it on, I don’t turn it off until I leave the gym. My gym playlist is full of upbeat music that adds an energy to my work out.

Also, don’t work out aimlessly, after warming up with cardio and stretching pick a specific part of your body to work on. Usually I rotate between something like, abs and legs or arms and back. Keep track of this in your gym journal, that way you won’t walk around the gym aimlessly looking for a free machine.

Basically – accept no distractions. Go to the gym and achieve your goals. Leave everything else for after that’s complete.

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