Big BAG lady – Another conversation (What’s in my bag?)

by Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bigbagThis isn’t a post about the (alleged) emotional baggage us women tend to carry around. It’s quite literally about outlining the things we carry (or SHOULD carry) in our actual bags everyday.

One of the best but perhaps most superficial benefits to being a woman is the fact that we get to carrying bags, GORGEOUS bags! Call them what you like purses, bags, pocket books, pouches – they all have the same function. Simply put – carrying many pieces of our daily lives in one place. I like to call my regular bag a “5 gallon” because if I tried I could fit a New York City apartment in there and still find my lip gloss. More so than the kind of bag you carry is what goes in it. There are a few things I have found, aside from the regular, makeup & wallet blah, blah, blah content that should be kept in every ladies bag. I truly believe a woman should be prepared for ANY situation. A few items you may not have considered before reading this post.

  • Tissues or Pocket Hankies – Hands down a life saver in any situation warranted – if you’ve got the room (like I do) go a step further and add wet naps or a washcloth secured in a ziplock bag.
  • Chapstick – I find it strange that I come across many women that only carry around lipstick or lip gloss. Moisturizing is key and i’d rather be caught without lipgloss than chapstick any day.
  • Clear Nail Polish – Great for if you snag a nail and also if you snag your tights!
  • Nail File & clipper – Again, great for nail snags or breaks. Truly a blessing for us ladies with natural nails, a file can be the difference between a chip or a break!
  • Flats – I live by the 3 inches or more rule daily. Walking avenues to the train in stilettos not only punishes my feet but my shoes as well.
  • Hair ties, clips or pins – Useful if by chance the hair doesn’t hold all day. (in an emergency I can find a rubberband almost anywhere)
  • Safety pins – I can’t remember how many random situations a little inexpensive thing like a safety pin has come in handy. From rips to Ipod malfunctions.
  • Small pad & paper – All notes shouldn’t be saved in your phone, sometimes writing is just easier.
  • Rain bonnet – As big as my bag is, I loath carrying an umbrella at all times. So by chance i’m caught in a surprise downpour – at least my hair is safe!
  • Floss – Randomly comes in handy – a small thing to carry to avoid an uncomfortable looking situation.
  • Mints – Of course we all carry gum or breath mints, but the mints can offer an added bonus. Many don’t consider that mint can be used to ease an upset stomach.

This is a small look inside my bag. Small things we may overlook but can save a situation and money. I’m sure there are other not so obvious things other women swear by, but this is MY designed Lady Bag checklist.

It’s my Show!

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