Agaricus Bisporus – The Portabella mushroom

by Thursday, April 25, 2013

mushroom curry 3Slice and Grill, these are tasty calorie savers. Often I discuss foods you can eat your fill of and not OVERDOSE on calories. Add the right combination of spices and you’ve got yourself a fatless delicacy.

Why do I love these? A typical container of mushrooms, which is about three ounces only contains 22 calories .05 of which are fat. You could eat two containers of these meaty textured veggies and consume under 50 calories and 1 gram of fat. That is certainly a win in my daily diet rules. Mushrooms also contain protein and fiber, the more the better as long as you season with spices containing no or low sodium. I strongly recommend red pepper flakes and just a pinch of salt. Mushrooms have their own flavor and not a lot is needed to enhance.

This past month my routine dinner has consisted of a BIG mushroom salad.



Spring mix or spinach leaves – 2 cups

Mushrooms (sautéed with pepper flakes) – 3 ounces

Dried cranberries – a handful

Egg whites – 2

Gorgonzola or Blue cheese crumbles – 1 tbsp

All topped with a light balsamic vinaigrette

By my estimate this BIG salad is less than 300 calories & extremely filling!


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