RITC – Episode 8 / My NY twin – Detailed Perfection (2006)

by Monday, October 8, 2007

I’ve heard tales of the multimillions of people in New York City. I’m in wonderment at the idea of spotting my twin. Another with similar features or actually digging a little deeper… My twin personality. Someone having mirrored intellect and thinking concepts. Someone brilliant in his or her own manner but not necessarily very well read. Always studied but never understood. An image of well thought out plans and detailed perfection that’s envied.

Would I know this person if standing beside on the train? Would I comment on a well spoken worry free another me? If he or she was standing beside me would he or she notice me? Pondering this isn’t a normal occurrence for me so I think it would have to be an extraordinary circumstance. That my personality equal would become unengaged in their intentional train distraction longer than to recognize my poised demeanor and weather appropriate but trendy attire.

That said, I’ve wondered in the past if I met ME would I dig ME? At first I felt as if I’d dislike my mistook confidence but reading a little further into my personality I can’t help but reiterate my attraction to that very personality trait. I might love my identical personality twin. That person would really “get” me. I love my confidence that others may say is embellished paired with my wit which is easily one of my favorite traits. Either way I won’t search, I’ll just take note if I catch a reflection of myself in the words or actions of another.

More insightful than anything else, this past week was slow. I “accidentally” met up with Trainboy on Thursday. He suggested dinner but I offered dessert – ice cream. It was very unofficial but extremely comfortable. We had cold stone ice cream then listened to some live jazz in the middle of Times Square. Afterward we sat in Bryant Park talking for hours. About any and everything. Nothing to heavy but the conversation was far from light. The weather was perfect for it, a simple experience that was appreciated. It’s not often that “trying” to get to know someone actually works – on both parts. The park closed at 11, neither one of us ready to part we sat on the front steps of the parks entrance. Barely speaking, we were exploring each others musical minds by listening to one another’s mp3 players. Trainboy is a little impressive to be so young. Maybe what he lacks in experience he makes up in maturity. This is coming from a judging person that has little of some and almost none of the other – in that aspect.

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