Episode 3 – RITC / New Yorkers Pee Anywhere (2006)

by Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Yorkers pee anywhere. Now it seems to me that many parts of NY smell like urine, perhaps its because in the short time I’ve been here its rained a lot and its a common occurrence that the sewers fill up and spill into some streets. I’ve become a bit of a germaphobe. I’m of course reluctant to hold train rails and touch bathroom doors. Just typical things like that.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that people are always washing the ground. In neighborhoods and in the city. This is another direct indicator that New Yorkers let it leak where they please. I’m sure you all remember my tale of the exposed peeing subway guy. Well that image is sketched in my brain. If you don’t remember it went something like this…

On my 1st day of interviews in the City before moving to NY I walked down the steps to the subway in Queens. There was a Hispanic man standing at the 2nd set of steps. Upon further inspection I see that he’s peeing over the rail or down the steps. Now… U’ d think he’d be ashamed to be found out by a professional – suit wearing woman like myself. Nope! He proceeds to turn toward me and finish doing his business… Not only was he offering me a glimpse of his small-hood but he started making kissing sounds! I was appalled and thoroughly disgusted. I quickened my stride and proceeded as far left as I could and down the steps. Note… This man looked completely normal, not a bum or homeless.

Sooooo, now every time I walk out of the subway I’m afraid some midget Mexican will try to pee on me. Scary thought.

On the subway this morning one of the seats had water on it. Automatically I think its pee! After a while I saw that it was JUST the train leaking. All this leads me to believe any wet spot anywhere has been leaked from some random New Yorkers body. There’s still more ladies and gentlemen. Walking from the gym I notice a number of men playing with their zippers… Are they contemplating peeing? Or are the pervs? Or have some yucky disease that requires itchy medication? I’ve even noticed a few zippers being down. This isn’t something easily ignored in a city that’s sometimes urine stained.

The Week End

So Friday comes around and I had made plans prior to that to meet with this girl that helps out with promoting some of A4C events. This sounded great to me because Friday is my favorite day to hang out. I wanted to unwind from my stressful everlasting job. To top it of right before I had left I found out I had made some silly mistake TWICE because no one had told me otherwise. Imagine how this made me feel considering I like to pat myself on the back for a job well done. It’s not enough for me just to DO the job. By this time I’m SOOO looking forward to hanging out at “his” spot. I know there are hundreds of clubs in NY but I’ve only been introduced to a select few. I texted messaged to confirm we were meeting at 7 and she tells me she can’t cause she has a deadline at work. This is where I really start to miss my PGH homies!

This news didn’t devastate me it only made me want to drink more! LOL. That’s right… It was a beautiful so I went by myself. I walked in the door right into “his” arms. He always offers me an over the top welcome. He commenced to introducing me to all his special guests for the night
he said I was a “good friend” of his… Maybe its New York talk. He asked what I was drinking and I told him I was cool. Yup I passed one up ladies! I went straight to the bar anyway to scope out the atmosphere. Check out the suits and shoes. Ughhhh… More Africans! But at least they were sipping champagne. I bought myself a margarita and just chilled out for a while. Then it began. While I was scoping the place I was being scoped as well.

To say the least 4 drinks later by three different guys and 5 business cards I was through drinking for the night. The funniest scenario is that one guy bought me a drink and I didn’t like it “too strong” so I went to the bathroom when I came out I met a beautiful Spanish guy. He was built solid like a line backer with a lil extra but not too much. Standard attire -creamy brown dress pants and a white button up shirt. Very nice very clean, he hand just walked in the door when he caught my gaze. He stopped we said hellos then he asked me to have a drink with him. LOL so I did! Meanwhile I had a drink I only sipped once at the other end of the bar. I know I’m horrible. BSG was nice and a little charming but never as charming as “him” who by the waywas doing his checking up on me routine, seeing if I needed a drink or anything. I’m not ashamed to say every time he came over there was a different guy sweating me. Hey I was networking!

I wasn’t drunk but I knew it was time to go around 10, since I was in the city at night by myself and without my car. I got “his” attention and motioned for him to come to where I was, he did and I told him I was leaving. Note… There is some Extreme attraction there on both sides, it’s a good thing where always surround by plenty of people :). After some heavy but innocent flirting I bid him farewell, and I was off. I was home by 11 but a 4:30am call woke me. It was him telling me he was just leaving the club. We had a conversation about his busy days and time issues. He himself acknowledged the problem and I’ll leave it at that. It was humorous that he asked what guys said to me when they “spit game.”

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