RITC – MEXICO July 2006

by Monday, October 8, 2007

Two words – ladies and gentlemen. All inclusive! Getting out of the concrete jungle to experience a real jungle proved to be one of the best experiences of my life. Wednesday I drove back to Pittsburgh after work to catch a 7am flight to Mexico for an old work friends wedding. I don’t regret a second of it.

Day 1 we get to Mexico with out a hitch. I say we because about 20 people had already been in Mexico since Sunday. There were 6 of us all booked on the flight to attend the wedding. Arriving in the beautiful Palladium resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico was breath taking. Mind you I didn’t make the reservations and had only briefly scanned the website. This place was beautifully perfect! Mayan art work etched into tall pillars surrounded by lighted fountains were among some of the first scenes I saw.

We found our rooms and changed into swimsuits immediately. As skeptical as I am about swimsuits, I found my self pleased with the accessories I chose. The resort had mini resorts and different suites within. So everyone was scattered about an each that I saw more beautiful than the last. Tall swaying palm trees welcomed our presence on all trails along with wild iguanas, crabs and lemurs. Powerful visuals greeted me in all directions. We found the bride and groom to be and said our welcomes, we exchanged travel stories and headed to the adjacent resort to find our travel agent. Even though our all inclusive plan included ALL meals and drinks, that night we were to take a shuttle to Cancun for dinner on a pirate ship. The pirate ship was where the groom had proposed 2 years before. After we paid the $80 for the steak or lobster dinner we hit the pool. There were salt water pools regular pools and private pools. And of course there was the ever welcoming ocean. While the guys went snorkeling we drank and swam.

When it was time to go to the ship we all filled the shuttle and took the almost 2 hour trip to Cancun. Although the shuttle was luxury, I think we all only survived the long trip because of the loaded drinks we held from the resort. Ladies and gentlemen I don’t doubt I had about 10 drinks before we even left! The humidity and sun was nothing that I expected. Sweat poured nonstop during the day with only the smallest movements triggering it. The pirate ship was actually 2 ships that sailed, served dinner and acted out a show the entire time. This may sound silly, but it might have been my favorite part of the entire trip. The ships fought back and forth while our waiter George brought us drinks without even being asked the entire 3 hours or so. Our party had the entire raised deck of the 3 story ship and the scenery was breathtaking during and after sunset. Once it was dark both gigantic ships lit up, each ship held about 300 people. So there was a lot going on but we all were in our own private affair with 1st class visuals to the show. There was sword fighting and ship swinging. Rule number 1 when in Mexico, tip EVERYONE (bring cash, American or pesos.) We didn’t get back to the resort until after midnight. Some of us had drinks and food at the all night bar and then turned in.

Friday was wedding day. But not before some eating drinking and swimming. There were about 15 buffet rooms set up around the lobbies of the resorts. All outline by water. Anything you could imagine for breakfast, even champagne. Before the wedding we laid out by the pool. Simply because that’s what you do in Mexico. It was a short but painfully meaningful event. All that attended new that the other had met their match. Both around 30, they hadn’t had to wait too too long for true love. Ladies and gentlemen every single person cried, down to the 8 year old ring barrier. Even “I” cried… Imagine that! I didn’t even know I had feelings! After pictures on the beach food and drinks by the bar, we met up for a 7oclock dinner reservation at the resort steak house. This lasted about 3 hours. Then time for drinking and dancing. The night wasn’t terribly long but I think everyone was spent by the overwhelming out pour of emotions. The next 2 days were filled with more of the same and I thoroughly appreciated every moment of it – even getting dumped in the beautiful but unremorseful greenish foamed ocean while being flung off the banana boat repeatedly. Ohh also I got an EXTREME tan, I’m at least two shades darker. Though I’ve always wanted one, I realized I’m VERY used to looking at the regular caramel complexioned me.

I’d like to note that a positively hate weddings but I would have not missed this one for the world. There were not feelings of pointlessness or jealousy. Either I’m growing up or these two got exactly what they deserved. A loving marriage to an equal while being sounded by people that love them so much they’d spend at least $1000 and planned their vacations around their wedding.

One more thing! My plane arrived in Pittsburgh at 12am Monday morning and I had to be at work at 8am that very day. Which meant I had to drive all night and go directly to work. It can be done and I did it. I only almost fell asleep 3 times with help of red bull, coffee and no dose. Work sucked of course, but no more than usual. Just another story to tell.

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