Introducing Pocket Tabbs – Positivity Playing Cards

by Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Last week I launched my first product. What a RUSH! Just in time for summer, I created a custom deck of “positivity playing cards” 52 cards containing a motivational uplifting message and 2 jokers. Uniquely designed, the idea for this deck was born last summer in the heart of the pandemic.

When we were able to see each other again last summer, my friends and I spent time picnicking in the park or at gorgeous Airbnb’s in the Poconos. We were tasked with entertaining ourselves, so we cooked, packed baskets, created cocktails and played cards! Cards, a nostalgic pastime I had all but forgotten. I had the thought to design a deck of cards of my own, a gorgeous personalized deck not only to play with but to help inspire friends and anyone else needing a positive word during difficult times.

I gave myself a goal. 1st I needed to DECIDE. I decided what the product actually would be, what the purpose would be, and where I would like to sell and promote. After, I worked on the HOW. I researched what would be involved in bringing a custom product to market. I made lots of lists and did a little research each day. Next, I got to work. I’m a designer by trade so that was the easy part, then I needed to identify the actual messages t I wanted to convey on the cards. I gave myself 3 solid months of focus on the project. Juggling my actual career, side projects, and social interactions is never an easy task when it comes to passion projects. I made time for what was most important and prioritized my card deck project closer to the front.

I aimed to launch on the first day of summer and I’m pleased to say Pocket Tabbs™ were first launched on the Amazon Market Place on June 21, 2021. Now they are available on multiple marketplaces including, Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.

My first product Pocket Tabbs™ Positivity Playing Cards is a gorgeous, vibrant custom-designed inspirational full deck of playing cards. Enjoy playing games with these cards with friends and family or daily by drawing a random card and reading a quick positive message in the morning or whenever needed throughout the day.
It never hurts to have a little positivity in your pocket or purse!


  • Custom-designed playing card deck includes 52 cards and 2 jokers
  • Each number and face card contains a positive message or affirmation
  • 52 cards to promote wellness and mindfulness
  • 10pt card stock, matte, soft-touch finish
  • Recycled craft gift box included
  • Great for all card games from Spades to Go Fish and many more
  • Packaged for pockets, purses, picnics, and cookouts
  • The perfect gift for inspiration

I’m SO excited to finally share these with you all. Pocket Tabbs™ are available directly through this link or on Amazon. Search any of my socials to purchase through FB or IG.

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