RITC – Episode 14 / A few good guys (2007)

by Monday, February 4, 2008

Frequently in this column I have blasted guys for the lack ambition, sensitivity and plain old common sense. Maybe it’s unfair to group them all together as a whole but the majority speak for the sex. I say this very sure that it is strictly my own opinion and because mine are very harsh. In this episode I presume to recollect the positive experiences in dating and the men I thought overall were decent individuals. Whether these guys have met their demise or not, I don’t have many bad words to say about them.

First up, Train Boy a decent guy a little younger than me, made up for his age with his giving personality. From him I learned that on some rare occasion’s men and women can be friends. On the downside I’m sure he didn’t understand that I never wanted or expected anything from him. He was used to all women wanting something more in a relationship than what it was. Did he think I would come to New York and fall in love with the first man I met? Well, all of you know me better than that. It bothered me that he continuously felt the need to “talk” about our “relationship” … I explained to him just how lacking it actually was and that if there actually was a relationship it would be missing some effort on both of our parts. I couldn’t believe he thought I thought it was something more than what it was … PLEASE.

Then there was the African, again a very ambitious man. The thing that stood out the most about him was his culture. His background was deep into Nigeria and it intrigued me to no extent that he knew exactly where he came from. Growing up in Canada he never forgot his roots and represents to the extent of the proudest. A gentleman with a light swagger about him the problem with him was his position in life. Just starting medical school he had played basketball in Europe for a while but graduated with honors from College. Also he kind of accepted anything I threw at him, he let me dictate our every outing and said very little about it. We laughed together and at times I felt like he wanted more than I offered. I felt a little bad about it but I go into these things with no preconceived notions. Ughh Step it up boys.

Lastly there’s 6’6, I’ve actually let him keep hanging around. He has been the most aggressive of the few I have been interested in enough to write about in a decent manner. As witty as he is tall he demands my attention and gives me more than I allow him. Another ambitious man I think he may be too giving of his heart too quick. Well, considering the object of his affection who could blame him? He is pushing for me to make something official with him but then what would I write these columns about? I have a good time with him but there are no plans on settling down in the near future.

I have to say a good word for Flash guy. Not previously mentioned in this column, I have known him for years before I moved to NYC. He has offered me a family away from home with his good natured and whole hearted kindness. Again he may want more than I am willing to give but unlike others he doesn’t press and happily takes what I give.

With all this said I am not suggesting that men aren’t the pigs we have perceived them to be for so long. There isn’t enough paper to describe all the stalker-ish behavior I have been subjected to just in the past year of living in New York. Some men are shameless and some will even try and pity you into dating them, however I am suggesting that one out of 20 could possibly be a decent individual or a good date at the very least.

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