RITC – Episode 7 / Bigger and better things (2006)

by Monday, October 8, 2007

It’s Wednesday, and already it has been a tiring week. I’m coping easy, simply because of fresh Mexico memories. Back here in New York it’s as hot as it was there, just without a pool less than a block away in all directions. I’m officially tired but I must say my morning workout was rejuvenating. I’m always glad I have consistency to always rely on.

A situation I’ve been plagued with lately consists of not having a clear idea of what “my type” is. It’s changed progressively – but for the better I think. But what happens when you dig someone who doesn’t fall within range in some areas? Is there a perfect mate? How many things do you have to give up to consider it settling? Well there are things he absolutely must have, like an education and ambition, and then there are some things that can be overlooked… perhaps only the physical attributes. Hey! Maybe I’m not as shallow as I thought I was.

Can it be that every date is a good date? Maybe two weeks ago I met a younger than me (by 2 years) recent marketing grad (full football scholarship) in the 42nd street Byrant Park train station. He was very handsome, business attired and suited with football player shoulders. Naturally, we went out. Of course I told him to pick a place, 1 because I’m inexperienced at it and 2 because it’s always nice to see how much thought goes into the process and what a guy thinks your worth. He took me to a Caribbean spot in the Village. It was a perfect selection for a first date. Very ethic, and there was an attractive crowd there for a Saturday night. The food was almost perfect. I had the jerk salmon and I’ve developed a thing for plantains. We had the opportunity to do a lot of talking. Surprisingly, he faired rather well against my blunt sharp opinionated tongue. He turned out to be very inquisitive and straight answered. After dinner we walked around the village for about two hours … Had I been a “romantic” it might have been breathtaking. But since I’m not – it was just walking and talking. Chivalry has BEEN dead for me. All and all it was a perfect night, weather wise and company wise. Trainboy was a good date but who knows past that, he was an extremist when it came to being a gentlemen but was very subtle with it, he didn’t bring it up nor did I.

I think I’m having issues with these happy anxious straight out of college- never having a real job before guys. I’ve been working for almost 10 years and fully supporting myself for more than half of that. It annoys me, but could it be that this anxiousness could turn to extreme drive and ambition? That’s the best case scenario. In other cases it’s a set up for failure or a rude introduction into the real harsh greedy world.

I know this has been all over the place but it’s kind of where my mind set is. On to bigger and better things in all areas of life. Work, relationships and self.

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