Stretch it out

by Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There are various parts of my 6am workout that I don’t enjoy (big surprise) i.e. cardio and abs but there are a few things I actually DO enjoy. Stretching is one of them (the strawberry protein shake after is the other). A six minute stretch routine releases tensions in my back and tells my body to get ready to get serious. Whether I’m dancing salsa in stilettos the previous night or sleeping in an awkward position, a good stretch usually puts my back into working position. Stretching is often underestimated but vital for good flexibility and circulation.

There are multiple benefits to stretching and it’s usually the easiest part of a work out.

Stretching increases your flexibility, improves the range of motion in your joints, improves circulation, it also promotes better posture and relieves stress. After a good stretch I always feel invigorated and my body is looser. It’s imperative for those of us who work out frequently to loosen up each time.

A few tips to a good stretch…

  • Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds
  • Don’t bounce while stretching
  • Focus on target areas daily
  • If you damage a muscle during workout – don’t stretch it … give it time to heal
  • Breathe freelyicon

Stretch after a light warm up – your muscles are most pliable when they are warm and fatigued.

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