5 Tips for the fabulously fit foodie

by Friday, March 8, 2013


Simple Tips & Tricks I’ve styled for any obsessed fit-foodie to overcome the urge to indulge!

  • Allow you’re stomach to shrink by starting off with small portions more frequent throughout the day. When out on the town, try suggesting Tapas – small plates you share or substituting an entree with a lunch size portion.
  • Pick a time in the evening before 8pm as an eating cut off – the closer to bed time you are the less time your body has to burn off any calories, going to bed with a full stomach may cause you to store more fat and can also cause digestion problems.
  • Pre-prepare  – daily meals, put snack size servings of nuts, fruits and veggies in storage bags or containers … make healthy choices convenient.
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER. I can’t express this more strongly. It’s a great way to stay full and does wonders for your skin. Carry a water bottle and refill each time you empty it.
  • Buy naturally fat free, low calorie foods. If you are trying to get fit or drop a few pounds, buying low calorie ice cream wont help matters much. Train your brain, eat completely clean. 

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