Sho-ing Off with a Probiotic: Sho Balance

by Wednesday, January 25, 2017

IMG_0470My life hangs on BALANCE and Good gut health is a huge motivating factor in my every day diet. I became a fan of consistent probiotics a few years ago when I found myself constantly bloated and full of gas on an ongoing bases. I thought these issues were something I just had to live with until my primary care doctor recommend the use of a probiotic. She suggested yogurt and the use of a supplement with over 30 billion live active cultures. Sounds complicated, but really it’s just a dosage of healthy bacteria. Making those additions, along with consistent water infusing worked to clean up my tummy.  Last year I gave up most dairy, which is where I was able to get an easy dose of clean tummy friendly bacteria to help keep me regular and my mid-section flat. The search for a perfect (and perfectly priced) probiotic lead me to Sho Nutrition. Sho Nutrition’s Sho Balance probiotic blend offers a solution to good colon health as well as immunity boosting.

I love this product! 2 completely natural, vegetarian spheri-gels a day keeps the gas away! These are easy to swallow and almost instantly reset a regular daily movement. The benefits are plentiful, immunity boosting from Spirulina, intestinal balance from FOS and Omega-3 fatty acids which keep the digestive tract smooth to name only a few. As if I haven’t already mentioned the most important attributes, the Sho Spheri-gels come in a very thoughtful dispenser. I’ve never seen anything like it and if you have healthy vitamin regiment as I do it comes in handy. The reusable dispenser has a daily ticker at the bottom that keeps track of the days and you click a tab that releases the Spheri-gels. Just 2 clicks a day and your good to go. You forget you’ve already taken your dose because the dispenser cap will tell you!

In closing – this product is DOPE, it’s just what i’ve been in search of. Sho Balance does what it promises and it’s easy to use and take. Sho Nutrition offers 2 other products, Sho Energy and Sho Strength, those are reviews for another time. In the meantime take advantage of a special discount.

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valid until 2/28/17

The easy list

  • Easy to swallow
  • Improves digestion
  • Promotes regularity
  • Boosts immunity
  • Clean ingredients
  • Reusable daily tracker dispenser


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